A place of confusion.

Alright. >

This website still exists. There is little reason to update it. It works and it links to my currently sparse github.

Recently I have been busy with open university working my way through a Java object-oriented course. It has been quite a challenge but one that has been very beneficial.

I have tried to think of ways to apply the knowledge learned but have thus far come up short.

Anyway - there is an exam at the end of the month and that is not something I am too thrilled about. I tend to spend days mulling over a problem, taking a few minutes here and there to stare out the window. It helps my concentration, so exam conditions are less than ideal. However, it is a requirement and one I will do my best at.

I haven't done an exam since 2002. Back then they were just an obstacle to leaving school, I did not try at all, in someways, as a protest to being forced to go to school I probably did even worse than I could have, it was all very silly - but that is being a child.

Have a good day.